© 2010 Aaron Atkinson

Mother Nature… Lumberjack

Mother Nature was angry last night. She turned the sky black in the humidity of the late afternoon. A boomer was coming.

The hazy sky undulated, foreshadowing the approaching fury. Thunder shook the house. Rain fell by the bucketful. Hail the size of marbles pinged against the windows. And wind gusts bent the trees.

The electricity flickered off for a moment.

Indie paced nervously, drooling slightly like she always does when she’s on edge.

Ten minutes later, it was over. But she left her mark. Fast growing, soft-wooded Bradford pear trees lay snapped on the sidewalks around my neighborhood.

Rumblings of thunder and the tap of hail gave way to the sound of chainsaws, axes and water rushing down the sewers. Neighbors muttered under their breath about Friday night plans being ruined.

The neighbors were angry last night.

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