About Aaron

Photographer, marketer, outdoorsman and writer. I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. High school, University and MBA happened in and around Des Moines, Iowa. Currently I live, play, work and love in Kansas City.

Now that we’re acquainted, let’s try something together. Take a moment, and use your imagination to picture in your mind a few of the defining moments in your life. Picture in your mind your favorite photographs of yourself. They might include your wedding day or your graduation portrait. Perhaps they involve the first photograph of you as a child, or of you with your child. Can you picture one that’s black and white, or are they all color? Do you remember the day each image was captured? I bet you could tell wonderful stores about all of these days and about all of these moments.

In the last twenty seconds you completed the same exercise that I went through when I created Picture This Life. And I continue to go through this same process a few times each week as I tell stories about life and about the moments that my photographs help me capture.

Pictured to the right, you’ll see a few of my favorite moments in life, in pictures. These photographs makes me smile every time I see them. I hope that the stories and photographs that you’ll find on Picture This Life make you smile too.