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Delicious Dalmatian

I try to walk my dog, Indie, around the neighborhood every day. She’s a black and white Llewellin Setter, and biasedly speaking, one of the prettiest dogs I’ve ever seen. But her consistent presence on the sidewalks of my neighborhood has, at times, caused some confusion among the younger residents.

Kid: Can I pet your dog?

Me: Sure!

Kid pets dog

Kid: Mom, Mom, that Dalmatian licked me!

This was cute the first time, but now that it’s happened on no less than 101 occasions, it’s rather cliche. Perhaps I should have nipped it in the bud early on, but who wants to shatter a kids dreams of one day being a firefighter thanks, in part, to petting my Dalmatian.

Another comment I’ve received more than once goes something like this…

Kid: I like your dog.

Me: Thanks. (I’m generally not too chatty on these walks.)

Kid: Your dog looks like Cookies and Cream ice cream!

That’s my Indie – a delicious Dalmatian.

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