© 2010 Aaron Atkinson

Crash and Burn

I was in Best Buy last week when a young, blue-shirted salesman approached and mistook me for his target demographic.

Ronnie: Can I help you find something?

Me: Sure. I’m looking for a USB to VGA cable. Where would I find one of those?

Ronnie: I’m pretty sure we don’t have any in stock. Let me check.

Ronnie returned a couple of minutes later. Empty-handed.

Ronnie: Sorry sir, no cable. But speaking of cable, let me tell you about a deal that we’re running with DirectTV.

Me: (Impressed by his smooth transition, I was curious to see how the rest of this conversation might go.) Whatchagot?

Ronnie: (As if he was shocked I said yes, he stammered…) W-W-Well, who is  your current TV provider? (A slow start)

Me: AT&T.

Ronnie: How many channels do you get with that? (Losing altitude)

Me: About 50.

Ronnie: And how much do you pay? (Engine stall)

Me: About 30.

Ronnie: Hmmm. 50 and 30. And are you satisfied with that? (Pull up, Ronnie!!!)

Me: Indeed.

Ronnie’s eyes shifted left, then right, then back left. He looked at the floor and then quickly back at me. And then without a word, he spun and walked away. (Eject!!!!!)

Me: (to no one in particular) And that cable?

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