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Enjoying the View on Herb Street

Laura and I went to Columbia, Missouri for the University of Missouri’s Homecoming celebration this weekend. The Mizzou Tigers played – and beat – the formerly top ranked Oklahoma Sooners. It was a huge win for four reasons – it was homecoming, 70,000 fans were there for the game, they beat the top ranked team in the nation, and it was the first time in school history that ESPN’s College GameDay was in Columbia.

The mass of black and gold clad humanity on site for the GameDay filming was overwhelming, but Laura and I managed to get a peek at the stage and film-crew.

Laura: Who is that blond guy?

Aaron: He’s the show’s host. His name is Kirk Herbstreit.

Laura: Ohhh, he’s quite handsome, isn’t he. I might need to watch more ESPN.

That conversation reminded me of something that my mom said to me a few years ago on a Saturday afternoon…

I flicked on the TV. College football. Herbstreit was doing his thing. Mom walked into the room.

Mom: Well, isn’t he handsome!

Mom walked out of the room.

Back in Columbia, Laura and I made our way over to a friend’s tailgate. They asked us about seeing the GameDay crowd. Laura didn’t mention the people, the noise, the black and gold. The first thing she talked about was seeing Herbstreit.

All the girls swooned at the mention of his name.

Girl 1: I totally, like, love him.

Girl 2: Totally hot. Totally.

Girl 3: OMG! By far the best looking sportscaster in the business.

The only other guy at the tailgate looked over at me with a look of disdain and disinterest. Above the squealing and chatter I couldn’t actually hear what he said, but I could read his lips…

Erin Andrews.

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  1. Ryan
    Posted October 26, 2010 at 1:57 am | #

    Lol. Pretty funny!

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