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How We Met

From time to time folks ask Laura and I how we met. As it is with every story, there are two sides…

Laura’s Version

Aaron & I met on a rainy, August night at a pre-season Chiefs game. My Mom worked for the same company as Aaron and he offered her one of the company tickets to the pre-season game. My Mom told Aaron that unless he had another ticket she wouldn’t be able to make it because I was in Kansas City for the weekend (home from Mizzou one last time before classes started again). Aaron was able to get another ticket so to the game we went. I ended up talking to Aaron for a few minutes during the game and he invited us over to his housewarming party the following afternoon. We went to the housewarming party and sometime the following week Aaron & I ended up exchanging emails. After about a month of endless phone calls, emails and dinner dates we made our relationship official. Who knew that a boring, pre-season Chiefs game would turn into something so much more?

Aaron’s Version

From the moment that we met in the end zone at a Chiefs Football game she wanted me. Four years later she’s finally got me. And despite what Laura tells you, it’s as simple and as honest as that.

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