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Those Long Days of Summer

Last Saturday night as I laid in bed thinking about the day, it occurred to me that it would be almost impossible to cram in anymore summertime.

It started early with fishing for bass from my canoe on a local farm pond. In my mind I can still smell the aerosol and coconut of the sunscreen. After fishing, and back at home, I was thirsty, so I drank glass of homemade lemonade. Once the lawn was mowed and the dog walked, I grilled hamburgers for lunch and polished off the rest of that lemonade.

Groggy from the early start and the beefy lunch, I napped on the couch while the ceiling fan whirred me cool. I dreamt of a bikeride.

Laura and I met up with a few friends and went to the Royals game where dollar peanuts, pop and hotdogs rounded out the day’s food.

A tough night for the Royals, we left a little early and went for a quick swim at the family pool. As we dried, the hum of cicadas and the buzz of the air conditioner rocked the low, red sun to sleep.

And now, having crammed a whole summer into one full but fantastic day, it was my turn to join the sun in slumber.


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