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Fair Market Value

I was recently at a restaurant for a late lunch. It was one of those wooden floor, folding chair, paneled wall, neon beer sign, paper menu kind of places. I had a pulled pork sandwich. It was tasty. And it was just a skosh under four dollars.

As I layered on the hot and tangy barbeque sauce a glop fell on the aforementioned menu. As I wiped it away with the edge of my thumb, the reddish brown sauce smeared a line right underneath a menu item that I’d failed to review as I was selecting my order… chips and guacamole. The funny thing was that this appetizer was the only item on the menu without a price. In the price column it simply read Fair Market Value.

With the price of avocados rising by the day, I guess the was more prudent to not have to reprint the menus every time the good folks at Haas boost the price. I get the rational and at two dollars for an avocado I won’t be getting that menu item any time soon.


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