© 2011 Aaron Atkinson

To the Last Drop

After a full day of meetings I joined my coworkers in the downtown Philadelphia hotel bar. I arrived 30 minutes late and most were on their second round. Wet rings of bottle perspiration shimmered on the glossy black table and orange peels sat next to half empty cups of wheat colored beer.

I was tired. I didn’t drink anything. I just sat and listened to the banter and the beer.

After another round we were ready to head for the airport.

The bill arrived. No one touched it.

Darrel: Double A, you want to get this one?

Me: Nope. I didn’t have a thing to drink.

I reached out and slid the padded leather case over to another coworker.

Me: Barney’s got it.

He gave me a sour look. And then he gave a more sour look to the bill.

Barney: 40 dollars!?! I only had one beer!

Me: I sure hope it was good.





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