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Some Guys Have All the Luck

On account of a slow start to the duck and goose hunting season, Tim recently decided to focus his attention on deer for a few days. On Saturday he took his bow out of it’s case, sprayed a little lube on the pullies, and was hitting bullseye after bullseye from 20, 30 and 40 yards.

On Tuesday night he sat on a fenceline next to a field of tall grass. Shortly before dusk a gaudy rooster pheasant poked it’s head from the grass wandered onto the deer trail that time was hunting. At seven yards Tim shot the strutting pheasant with his bow and arrow.

On Wednesday morning Tim went back out and sat on the edge of a freshly combined corn field. An hour later a flick of white at the periphery of his vision caught his eye. He turned his head slowly and saw a glimmer of sunlight off of the buck’s antlers. At 30 yards, Tim shot the deer, a 10-pointer, the biggest of his life.

Some guys tote a heavy shotgun and walk all day in search of a pheasant. The same unlucky chap might wait an entire season on his deer stand and never see a deer. But not Tim, in less than four hours of hunting, the meat magnet stuck again… twice.

Nice work little brother.

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