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Ms. Daisy

I sometimes take things for granted. This fact hit home one year ago today when I ventured forth from work after a particularly long day. The night was dark and cold. As I walked across the parking lot, road salt crunched and cracked underfoot. When I reached my car, I put the key in the ignition, turned it, and was met with nothing. No lights, no clock, no radio, no horn, no ticking starter, no purring engine. A failed attempt at jumping my battery left me with only one conclusion, my car was dead.

For the next three days Laura drove me to work in the morning and home in the evening. As a last-ditched attempt to avoid the tow-truck I purchased a simple battery cleaning kit from the local automotive store. On the fourth afternoon the temperature spiked into the high-teens and I ventured forth with a wire brush and foaming aerosol cleaner. After a thorough cleaning, I reconnected the battery, said a little prayer, rolled the key forward and was met with a smooth, humming start. It was music to my ears and I was thankful for a fairly simple resolution.

When I got home tonight, the furnace was blowing, the refrigerator was full and Indie was as happy to see me as she always is. Bringing my car back from the dead, reminded me of all the simple blessings of life.

The only downside was that Laura was a bit sad about my return to self-sufficiency. She was really starting to enjoy calling me Ms. Daisy.

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