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Pheasants, Chickens & Bluebirds

Howling winds and bitter cold usually make our January pheasant hunts mildly unpleasant. But this year we haven’t yet hunted when the high temperatures have been less than freezing. This weekend was no exception, bluebird skies and highs in the 50s made it feel more like October than January.

As I was cleaning birds today in the sink, Laura looked over from the couch.

Laura: You got a tan this weekend!

Me: It was warm and sunny, and my face does feel a little tight. I suppose I did.

Laura: (with mock skepticism) You didn’t go hunting, did you? You and Scott spent the morning in a tanning bed, didn’t you!?!

Me: (with a laugh, then holding up a pheasant breast) If all we did was tan, how did I get this?

Laura: You stopped at the store and bought a chicken.

Me: Then how did it get all of these little pellet holes in it?

Laura: You took it out to a field and shot it.

Me: Seems like a lot of work for a bird and a tan.

Laura: That’s exactly what I think every time you tell me your hunting stories!


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