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By Comparison

One of my favorite things about bird hunting is that it usually takes place in parts of the country with a shortage of people. After the hustle and bustle of a busy week, it’s so nice to not see another car or person for an entire weekend. This makes it very easy to get around. There are no stoplights, no traffic jams, and very few traffic rules whatsoever. We simply find a gravel road and go.

As nice as the traffic is in the middle of nowhere, it does make it hard to come back home. I find I have less patience for those poorly timed stoplights that turn yellow just as you’re pulling up. Bad drivers irk me all the more. And I have to make a conscious effort to come to a full and complete stop at every stop sign.

I was complaining about this to Laura a couple of weeks ago as we made our way down a crowded, stoplight-heavy Kansas City street.

Then last week I went to L.A. for the first time.


L.A. makes K.C. feel like a ghost town.

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