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Lola, Indie and Charlie

From the day we brought Indie home more than four years ago, Laura has enjoyed vocalizing what she thinks Indie would say if she could talk. Now that we have Lola, Laura has carried on her hilarious habit. It’s even funnier now, because she has perfected a unique voice for each pooch.

Case in point.

The other night a drop of stew fell from the edge of my bowl and onto the kitchen floor. Lola saw it fall. Wagging her nub of a tail she scrambled over and greedily licked up the brown broth.

Indie heard the commotion and came in from her spot on the living room carpet. She sniffed the floor where Lola had licked.

Laura narrated.

Lola: You’re too late, sucker. (Pronounced “suckaaaa”).

Indie: What did you find?

Lola: What I found is gone. But here, you can smell my breath. You know what that is?

Indie sniffs as Lola licks her face.

Indie: Smells like stew.

Lola: You are mistaken. That, big sis, is the sweet scent of winning.

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  1. Jessica
    Posted February 28, 2012 at 3:04 pm | #

    I think Laura and I would get along great! Narrating for the dog is something I do quite often for our pooch, Boston. There are some pretty comical interactions between him and his 3 year old human sister 🙂

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