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That Puppy Smell

Whenever puppies come up in conversation, my mom, without fail, mentions how much she loves puppy breath. Some people love the smell of a new car, my mom loves the sweet, earthy, coffee ground smell of a puppy’s breath.

But for some reason little Lola doesn’t have puppy breath.

For the first eight weeks of her life, she lived in a home where the humans smoked. So she smelled a bit like cigarettes when we picked her up. Hoping to avoid this, her breeder gave her a bath on the morning of her departure. It didn’t do much to mask the smoke, but it did add a layer of shampoo odor to her coat.

But amid the other smells,  the most overriding scent on Lola was the perfume that the breeder’s young daughter had doused her in prior to our arrival. While I’m sure it was cheap perfume, to me, it smelled better than any puppy breath, cigarettes or shampoo.

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