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One of my favorite days of the year is that day when winter turns to spring. It’s that first day when the dryness of winter gives way to the gentle humidity of spring. It’s that day when the gentle breeze stops feeling cold and starts to smell like the blossoms of the cherry, pear and redbud trees that are bursting into bloom. Suddenly, almost overnight, the grass turns from dull brown to vibrant green. Crocuses fade and tulips take center stage. The daylight, thanks in part to a shift of the clock, seems to last longer. Streams rush and swell their banks, and the robins, fat and red-breasted, return in droves.

Sometimes this change happens so gradually that it’s easy to miss. But not this year. While I was on a business trip last week, record high temperatures were set in Kansas City, and with the 80s came a hasty transition.

The first morning back dawned in fresh technicolor.

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