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Fallen Leafs

Laura and I attended our first Major League Soccer game last Saturday night. I wore my Toronto Blue Jays hat. The gentleman in the row behind me struck up a conversation.

Big Red: I see you’re wearing a Jays cap. Are you from Canada?

Me: Way back when, yes.

Big Red: You must also be a hockey fan. Do you cheer for the Leafs?

Me: I am. And I do.

Big Red: Cool. They’re my favorite Canadian team too. They’re pretty good aren’t they?

Me: No. Not really. In fact they’re pretty rotten these days.

Big Red: Oh right. I’m thinking of a couple of years ago. They were pretty phenomenal a couple of years ago weren’t they?

Me: Sure. A couple, give or take 40.

Big Red: Oh nevermind. It’s not Toronto I’m thinking of. It’s Vancouver.


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