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The New Neighbor

One of my first blog posts featured Indie, my bird dog, doing one of her most favorite things… pointing. Last weekend at my parents house, dusk was falling and we realized that we hadn’t seen Indie in a while. She caused quite the stir when we noticed her solidly locked on point at the little round door of a suspended wren house. She’d clearly been there for a while, as strings of drool hung from her jowls.

So intent was she on pointing the inhabitants of house, that she refused to leave her post. I was finally able to break the spell by bumping the house and causing the mother wren to abandon her home. And while it was a temporary solution, the next day we saw that Indie had followed my lead. After pointing the house for a few moments, she’d give it a gentle bump with her nose, causing the small brown wren to flush from her house.

While I generally love it when she points birds, I suppose it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

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