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Shore Lunch

A staple of the north woods fishing trip is a heavy, greasy meal at midday. Deep fried fish caught that morning are often accompanied by fried potatoes, onions and a can of beans. It’s filling, delicious, and eating fish freshly brought to hand is incredibly gratifying.

In the boundary waters last month we developed our own variation of shore lunch. Fresh walleyes were paddle filleted, dusted with flour and fried in oil. Meanwhile pita bread was toasted on the grate over an open campfire. A cooked fillet was placed in the center of the lightly toasted pita, it was then splashed with lemon juice, a couple shots of tabasco, and a pinch of salt. The pita was then folded around the fish like a taco shell.

Just writing the last paragraph got my mouth watering. The flaky fish, smoky bread, tart lemon and spicy tabasco played on our taste buds in perfect harmony.

It’s tough to say which was better – catching the fish or eating the fish. I do know one thing, lunch alone was worth the trip!

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