© 2012 Aaron Atkinson

A Couple of Nuts

I biked on the trail the other day. As I was coming home I approached two women walking side-by-side across a wooden foot bridge. I was still about 30 feet away when one of them jumped into the air. The other woman reacted by bolting away in a dead sprint like she was being chased by a swarm of angry wasps.

By the time I caught up with them they’d collected themselves and were chuckling together. As I crossed the bridge I saw what had spooked them – a little squirrel – no larger than a bread box.

As I rode away I heard this…

Jumper: OMG that was so scary.

Runner: You scared the **** out of me.

Jumper: Do you think that thing had rabies? I saw it’s fangs as it tried to bite me.

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