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All In How You Look At It

I have a friend named Ethan. I see him twice each year. I saw Ethan last weekend at our Pheasants Forever Youth Hunt. He was carrying a football. We played a bit.

He told me that this is his first year playing tackle football. He’s a kicker and a lineman.

Ethan: Today is our last game of the season. We’re not very good. We’re actually 0 and 6, and we’ve only scored one touchdown all year.

Me: Ouch. Well maybe you’ll win today.

Ethan. No we won’t. We play Piper. They haven’t lost a game yet.

Me: I see. Well make sure you have fun.

I throw him another pass. He catches it and then runs inside.

I see Ethan a few hours later. He’s back from his game.

Me: How’d it go Ethan?

His face lights up with a toothy grin.

Ethan: It was great!

I’m surprised by this response. His previous prediction didn’t leave me too optimistic.

Me: Did you win?

Ethan: No. They destroyed us 62 to 7.

Me: Yikes.

Ethan: But it was awesome. We scored another touchdown!


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