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Seafood Envy

My cholesterol is a tad high. It’s not alarming, just elevated. But it’s high enough that I try to eat as healthy as possible.

I was in San Diego this week. I joined some coworkers and clients for dinner at a fancy seafood restaurant on the ocean. I ordered maple pecan salmon with wild rice and broccoli. It was quite good.

My dinner guests either don’t have high cholesterol or they mustn’t care, because all three ordered the same, decadent dish: crab stuffed jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon served over risotto was a side of garlic butter for dipping.┬áIt made my salmon look like carp.

Wade: How’s the salmon?

Me: Not bad.

Wade: You should have gone with the shrimp it’s incredible.

Me: You mean to tell me that crab stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon and soaked in butter is tasty? I can’t believe it!

Wade: Ha! You’re welcome to have one if you’d like.

Me: I appreciate the offer, but I’ll just stick to my carp, er, salmon.

Wade: Suite yourself.

He took another bite and smiled as a drip of butter glistened on his chin.


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