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Favorite Things

I’ve always enjoyed the imagery in the song My Favorite Things. It conjures up classical visions of a less complicated era and of life’s simplest pleasures.

There’s something wonderful about raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, copper kettles, woolen mittens, brown paper packages, ponies, strudels, bells, noodles, wild geese, white dresses with satin sashes, snowflakes, white winters and spring.

There’s also something wonderful about the new Christmas tradition in Laura’s family. Instead of exchanging gifts that you hope everyone will like, we simply gave gifts that we like. We split the family into men and women, the men bought for the men and the women for the women. And with a ten dollar cap, we gave every member of our gender a bag filled with our favorite things. I gave a Hundred Grand chocolate bar, a can of Sierra Mist and a pair of wool socks. I got a pocket knife, flashlight, candy, soap, barbecue sauce and the gift featured above – a rainbeer.

Giving your favorites and getting the same from others, I’ll take that over raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens any day.

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