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Don’t Sweat It

Me: Are you getting much biking in this winter?

Burg: Yep. With this cold front, I moved the bike inside and onto the trainer. I worked up a good sweat in a couple hours of hard pedaling this weekend.

Me: Nice.

Burg: I rode while Mrs. Burg walked on the treadmill next to me. I encouraged her to pick up the pace and to kick up her heart rate.

Me: How’d she take that?

Burg: She declined and said that while I’m sitting in my chair at work all week, she’s usually exercising as she walks around town and around the mall during her daily shopping trips.

Me: That’s ironic.

Burg: How’s that?

Me: You sweat while you exercise, and knowing that she’s out shopping with the credit card, I bet you sweat while she’s ‘exercising’ too!

Burg: I guess that explains why I’m in such good shape.

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