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Ouch. Burned.

If you follow Picture This Life, you know that I love to hunt and fish. With that in mind, throughout this hunting season I’ve alluded a few times to the fact that it’s been a pretty lousy year for pheasants. Primary setting – established.

At Laura’s request, we recently acquired DirecTV. I’ll get accused of being biased if I don’t admit that we’re both enjoying it. That said, we’re enjoying it in different ways.

On account of the fact that I enjoying hunting and fishing, I watch a number of shows on those topics.┬áIf you were to assess Laura’s loves based on what she watches on television, you might be convinced that in the same way that I love hunting and fishing, she loves total crap. Secondary setting – established.

Me: Honey, you’re acting a little goofy this evening, did you just finish watching Teen Mom?

Laura: I most certainly did not.

Me: Kim and Kourtney Take Miami?

Laura: Uhh, nooo.

Me: The Real Housewives of Orange County?

Laura: If you must know, they’re currently in Beverly Hills. And that’s what I was watching.

Me: I see.

Laura: Oh please, it’s no worse than the hunting and fishing shows you watch.

Me: I’m not so sure about that. You’re shows have no redeeming value. My shows teach me how to be a better outdoorsman. Thanks to those shows, I’m better enabled to bring home the bacon.

Laura: Oh yeah, how’s that been working out for you this pheasant hunting season?



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