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C’mon, Eileen!

Last weekend Laura and I went to a wedding in Chicago. Laura is friends with the bride’s cousin. Laura and the cousin were chatting over a couple of plates of Chicago-style deep dish pizza at the rehearsal dinner, when I overheard something I’ve never heard before…

Laura: I really like you’re hair.

Cousin: Thanks! I bought it last week!

A stranger to the concept of buying hair, this caught my attention.

Cousin: I had it done at this chic, new salon in Manhattan.

Laura: Wow! You lead quite the life!

Cousin: Wait, it gets better! I was almost ready to leave when guess who comes in?

Laura: Who?

Cousin: One of the Real Housewives of New York City.

Laura: Really?!? Which one?

Cousin: I don’t know her name, but she’s the one with the missing leg.

Laura: Oh, I know who you mean. What is her name?

I interrupt the conversation I’ve been eavesdropping…

Me:¬†Wait, I’ve heard this one before, the one with the missing leg, isn’t that, Eileen?

They both give me a silly look, tell me ‘no’ and continue with¬†their very serious celebrity-sighting conversation


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