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Laura and I were unloading some fresh mulch into our driveway when our neighbor came over…

Neighbor: (smiling) Great. Just what we all need.

Me: What’s that?

Neighbor: The house with one of the nicest yards on the block is about to get even better.

Me: Well thank you. But it’s just a little mulch.

Neighbor: Are you kidding me? Do you know how hard it is to live next to you? You make me look bad.

Me: Nah, you look fine. But if you’d like some advice on your yard, I’d be happy to give it.

Neighbor: That’d be great!

Me: And no matter what you can take comfort in the fact that your yard looks a whole lot better than our neighbors across the street.

He looks across the street and winces.

Neighbor: Amen to that, brother. Amen to that.

Me: So about that advice…

The northern front is about to get a whole lot easier to defend.

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