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When Uncle Bill Goes to Winnipeg

My Uncle Bill can spin a good yarn. While loosely based on fact, I’ve come to realize that, like any good story teller, he tends to fictionalize his tales for dramatic effect.

Uncle Bill: One time when I was in Winnipeg, I saw two men fishing in the Red River beneath the bridge. They fought, wrestled and finally landed a catfish that had to weigh 70 pounds.

Me: That’s a good story Uncle Bill.

Uncle Bill: Thanks. I know it is.

Me: It’s a good story, but I don’t believe a word of it.

Uncle Bill: You don’t, eh? Well why not?

Me: First off, history has taught me to be skeptical of any story you tell. Secondly, this doubly applies to fish stories which are already notorious candidates for excessive exaggeration. And third, I’ll never in my life believe a story that starts with ‘One time when I was in Winnipeg.’

Uncle Bill: Believe what you want. But know this… I was in Winnipeg.

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