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Man in the Mirror

I photographed a lovely, country wedding recently.

When I shoot weddings, my favorite part of the day typically isn’t the ceremony, the first kiss or the cake cutting, quite often the highlight occurs while folks, generally the men, are still getting ready.

The mid-afternoon sunlight beamed through the first-story window of the rustic bed and breakfast. The air hung still and particles of dust and cologne drifted through the beams of light. The men dawned their khaki colored tuxedo pants as they tucked in their shirts and drew springy, black suspenders over their shoulders. An open bottle of Captain Morgan nestled up to several open cans of Coke atop the chest at the foot of the bed.

The groom stood in front of the full-length mirror as he teased waxy gel through his dark, freshly cropped hair. Above the excitedly nervous din of mildly intoxicated babbling in the background, I heard the groom mutter to himself as he finished with his hair, “I may not have been born into exceptional wealth or intelligence, but I sure was born into some devilishly good looks.”

He then glanced at the face of his over-sized watch, remarked at the late hour, and exclaimed to his groomsmen, “Gents, we must depart in less than five minutes. Who is sober enough to drive?”




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