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Acorn Invasion: Part 1

Our neighborhood is rather young. When they built houses they started by clearing trees, and as a result the foliage in our neighborhood just starting to get serious.

When there are no mature trees, there are no squirrels. While I’ve see them scampering in older, nearby neighborhoods, last fall was the first time I’ve seen a squirrel in my front yard. It sat in my oak tree enjoying the bumper crop of acorns. A week later there were two squirrels in that tree, and a few days after that there were three.¬†At the time I didn’t think they were bothering anything.

How wrong I was.

While it’s been months since I’ve seen them, I was recently reminded of my autumn, nut-burying neighbors as a hundred small, pesky oak trees started to pop up in my front yard.

This simply won’t do.

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