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It’s Just Right

When it comes to temperature, Goldilocks and the three bears were onto something. The thing is though, that it’s not always porridge that’s up for the taking. If you ask me, the ideal temperature varies greatly depending on the activity.

Take sleeping for example. Too hot and the sheets stick to my sweaty skin. Too cold and I’m liable to wake up with the sniffles. But when it’s just right – at about 63 – there’s nothing better than snuggling under layers of blankets.

How about bird hunting? While an autumn stroll on a golden afternoon is nice, it’s also usually warm enough to soak the rim of my orange hat in sweat.. In contrast, I’ve been whipped by Western Kansas wind so bitterly icy it hurt my teeth when I breathed. For me, the perfect temperature in which to chase pheasants is right on 30 degrees.

I believe this post is timely because it looks like mother nature is finally going to turn up the furnace on us. Before she does, Laura and I recently took advantage of a particularly pleasant evening to go for a leisurely drive. The radio was up, the windows were down and my outstretched hand surfed up and down on the steady breeze that rushed past. As we slowed to a gentle stop at a light, I leaned over and snapped this shot.

If you ask me, the perfect temperature for a radio up, windows down joyride is 71 degrees. It’s not too cold and it’s not too hot, it’s just right.


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