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Traffic Stopper

Late spring is when I believe Indie is at her prettiest. She’s put back on most of the weight she lost during hunting season and as such her physic is lean and athletic without being overly thin in the hips and ribs. Her coat is also at its prime, having recovered from the onslaught of winter’s burrs and briars. And like most dog owners, I’ll never be accused of being overly humble regarding the good looks of my pup, but interactions like this one certainly don’t hurt the cause.

Earlier this week we paused at a four-way stop on our daily walk. The car we were waiting on rolled down it’s window and the man inside asked…

Man: What kind of dog is that?

Me: The big one or the little one?

Man: The big one.

Me: She’s a setter.

Man: I thought so. An English Setter?

Me: Almost. She’s a strain called Llewellin.

Man: My goodness she’s a beautiful dog.

Me: Thank you!

And he drove away.

Laura: (to Lola) You’re beautiful too, Lola.

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