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Distracted Driving

A couple of weeks ago a car nearly hit me as I was walking through a cross-walk in a parking lot outside of a sporting goods store. The driver unintentionally slowed just enough to bait me into the intersection before speeding back up in my direction. He was on his cell phone.

Last week I was sitting at a red stoplight. So were the cars in front and behind me. And then, all of sudden the car behind me accelerated and smacked me in the bumper. “I thought that traffic had started moving,” she exclaimed when we pulled over. She was on her cell phone.

While cell phones are a wonderful thing and so is driving, fire and gasoline are also wonderful things, until you put them together.

This got me to thinking – I don’t necessarily have a problem with people talking on their cell phones while they drive – just as long as they don’t do it around me!


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