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Celebrity Sighting

Last week while swimming through a sea of people at the annual Plaza Art Fair, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, along with his pretty wife and young children, passed Laura and I on the sidewalk.

Last night I told some friends about it…

Me: You’ll never guess who we saw at the Art Fair.

Ryan: Who?

Me: Alex Smith.

Laura: Yeah, it was neat to have a celebrity sighting. (To Ryan’s wife) And we saw his wife. She was super pretty with a beautifully dark, chocolate complexion.

Me: Huh? No she wasn’t. She was pretty but her skin was white and her hair was blond.

Laura: What are you taking about?

With a questioning look I pulled up alex smith quarterback wife image on my iPhone, waited for a photo load and then showed it to the group.

Laura: Give me that.

She took a closer look.

Laura: That’s not the guy I saw nor the lady that was with him.

Me: Then you didn’t see Alex Smith or his wife. No celebrity sighting for you my dear.



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