© 2013 Aaron Atkinson

Dodging Doves

We’re driving down the road. A mourning dove – a fast flying, super agile bird is flying in the general direction of the car. With a gasp, Laura brakes hard, slowing us almost down to a stop. The dove angles away from the car, dodging it’s demise by several dozen yards.

Me: You didn’t just brake for that dove.

Laura: I sure did. I didn’t want to hit it.

Me: You were driving 25 miles an hour along a straight road. It was 75 yards away, flying 40 miles an hour, and zig-zagging everywhere.

Laura: So?

Me: You were driving slow, it was flying fast. Flying trumps driving. You were never going to hit it.

Laura: You’re right. As long as I wasn’t moving, I wasn’t going to hit it.

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