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The King of New York

On road trips with college buddies, we’d play a game in which we’d name a pair of seemly unrelated things and then leave it up to the gang to make the connection. Here’s a simple example… the movie Newsies and the movie The Dark Knight. If you’ve seen these films, the obvious connection here is the actor Christian Bale.

A few weeks ago while watching my cousin’s three young daughters (the flower girls from our wedding,) we watched Newsies. For the rest of the weekend, the song I’m the king of New York was stuck in my head. And it struck me that while a 17 year old Christian Bale was perfect for the leading role, it would have been something altogether different had he used his gruffly over-the-top deep and menacing Batman voice for this number.

Watch The Dark Knight and then watch Newsies and you’ll see what I mean.


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