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Luau Logic

We were at a coffee shop with some friends. On the wall there was a painting of a map of the world. The conversation turned to our upcoming trip to Hawaii. Laura’s mom is afraid of flying.

Laura: I’m not sure why she’s freaking out. Sure it’s a long flight, but they’re pretty safe, right?

Me: Well sure. And if they’re not it’s out of our hands and it’s just our time to go.

Laura: Don’t say that. Now you’ve got me worried.

Me: There’s nothing to worry about. Flying is super safe. I mean sure we’re flying over hundreds of miles of ocean. And sure the islands are tiny specs in the middle of the deep blue sea and landing on one will be like hitting a needle in a haystack. But all that said, we’ll be fine.

Laura: Well, if we do crash, hopefully it’s on the way home. That way we’ll at least have had one last vacation to enjoy.

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