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Four for Four

Over the past couple of weeks, I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics. Between my third head-cold of the season and Indie’s knee surgery and subsequent recovery, our clan has spent a fair amount of time buzzing through DVR footage. If you would have asked me when the games started which two sports I was most interested in, without hesitation I would have responded hockey and curling.

Now that both men’s and women’s hockey and curling have wrapped up, it’s fair to say that these olympic games went from good to great for me and for a whole country-full of Canadians. With a combined record of 14-0, both the Canadian men and the Canadian women brought home golden perfection in curling. In hockey, the two Canadian teams went 10-0-1, notching an undefeated olympic tournament and winning back to back gold medals for the men, and four golds in a row for the women.

Canada going four for four in the two sports I was most closely watching was certainly a rare and tremendous feat. I’d ask that the Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, Packers and Royals all take note and follow suit.


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