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It Came Back

It’s Sunday afternoon. We’re in Des Moines at my parent’s house. I glance out the back door and see a big rabbit munching on the new shoots in Mom’s garden. It’s a bit unusual to see a rabbit in the middle of the afternoon, especially in a yard in which the neighborhood rabbits know that there’s a man with a gun, and doubly especially when two spaniels and a setter have recently been bounding about.

Me: Dad, we’ve got a rabbit. Grab the gun.

Laura: No!!! Don’t shoot it!

Me: Dad?

Dad: We’ll let it go this time around. No need to upset your lovely wife. Just let one of the dogs out to shoo it off.

A few minutes later when no one else is around, Dad whispers to me…

Dad: It’ll be back.

We headed for home a few hours later. That evening I got a text from my Dad. That didn’t take long.


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  1. Heath
    Posted July 4, 2014 at 12:34 am | #

    You horrible people how can you kill poor little animals what do they do to you. Just kidding kill the little fur bags

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