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The Popcorn Incident

It really is scary how fragile we are….

Last week I was eating popcorn when I felt a paper-thin hull wedge itself between the two back molars on the top of my mouth. It was no big deal until repeated rounds of flossing, brushing and scraping didn’t dislodge it. After a couple of days, my gums swelled up and started to throb. Flossing helped to relieve the pressure between my teeth, but it also opened the oozing flow of blood. At one point I even told Laura, “If this doesn’t resolve itself in the next couple of days, I’m going to have to go to the dentist.”

Thankfully, that evening while eating a potato chip at a family picnic, I felt the hull dislodge. I fished it from my mouth and was astonished to see that it was no bigger than a fruit fly. That little, golden piece of popcorn hull felt one hundred times bigger between my teeth. It also caused me more discomfort than I could have imagined prior to the indecent, putting a serious damper on four days of my life.

And it got me thinking, if a little piece of popcorn can cause that much suffering, it really is scary how fragile we are.


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