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The other day Finn was looking at his reflection in the mirror…

Me: Who is that, buddy?

Finn: Das-u!

Me: Who?

Finn: Das-u, daaady.

Later in the day at the kitchen table in conversation with Laura…

Me: Our son doesn’t know his name.

Laura: Sure he does.

Me: I’m pretty sure that as a result of all the photos, mirrors and Facetime sessions you’ve shared with him, pointing out his image and telling him “That’s you!” he now believes that’s his name.

Laura: Really?!?

I grab my phone and go to the camera. I invert the lens so that I can see my face on the screen. I point it towards Finn…

Me: Who is that cute, little boy, Finn?

He smiles.

Finn: Cheese! Das-u!


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