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Bedtime is the best time

While Laura tends to Gray in the evenings, these days I usually put Finn to bed. The daily routine is always pretty much the same… he fights having his diaper changed, fights getting his teeth brushed, and fights putting on his pajamas.

Once he’s finally in bed, he sips on his milk while we read a few stories. Then we sing a couple of songs before turning on his blue and green night-light, closing our eyes, and saying our bedtime prayer. I usually say it, but tonight, for the first time, he chimed in midway through…

Finn: Tank you fo to day… tank you fo house… tank you fo daddy… AMEN!

Me: (with a tear in my eye) That was a great prayer, buddy. I love you.

Finn: Daddy?

Me: Yeah, buddy?

Finn: Leave the door open?

Me: I’ll leave the door open.

Finn: Send Mommy in?

Me: I will. Sweet dreams, Finny. I love you.

I tuck him under the covers and he grins. I kiss his chubby cheek as he nestles in with a smile and a sigh.

Bedtime is the best time.

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