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Nash Maxwell

Twelve weeks ago, a big, bald, beautiful, baby boy joined our crew. At nine pounds and more than 21 inches long, it won’t be long until Nash’s bulk outpaces that of his elder siblings.

Laura and I both liked the name Nash. And it fit nicely within our four-letter, single-syllabic offspring naming convention. But unlike Finn and Gray whose middle names have familial origin, we exercised a bit of creative license with Maxwell. And that’s the real story.

With all three kids, we maintained confidentiality around the name until delivery day. We did share Nash’s name with Finn and Gray, but their little ears, little brains, and little mouths reproduced “Nash” as “Mash” and then as “Max.” So we shared Max as Nash’s code name for pre-arrival public consumption.

Then, paying homage to his older siblings loving mispronunciation, Maxwell stuck as a middle name.

As Gray and Finn continue to say on a daily basis, “We love you Mashy-Boo-Boo.” We’re overjoyed to count you among us.

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  1. Mavis
    Posted April 4, 2019 at 1:26 am | #

    I love his name and the history and reasons. So sweet.

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