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True Friendship

Last night, my brother and I went with my friends Bill and Traci to the Royals game. They were playing the Toronto Blue Jays. On the ride home after the game, Traci asked me how the wedding planning was going…

Aaron: It’s great. Laura is doing most of the work right now.

Traci: All smooth sailing so far?

Aaron: Mostly, except for one little hiccup. Laura wants to include more people in the ceremony than I do – she’s worried that she’ll exclude someone and they’ll be upset. But I keep telling her that if they get mad about not being invited to participate then they aren’t really very good friends anyway.

Traci nodded and her husband Bill chimed in.

Bill: Growing up, my Mom often said that all the people who laughed at me weren’t really my friends.

The conversation stalled, there was a pause, and we all started laughing….

Hey Bill, I hope we’re still friends.

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