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A Sour Apple

We tried to reserve one online. We called ahead… four times. All we wanted was to have the Apple store hold a computer for us on Missouri’s tax-free weekend.

Mac Guy: I can’t reserve one for you over the phone.

Me: Your website won’t let me do it and I’m afraid you’ll run out.

Mac Guy: I guarantee we won’t run out.

They ran out.

There was such a run on computer’s that morning that even 15 minutes before the store opened there was a line 60 people long. Associates escorted customers one-by-one into the store to make their doctor a day Apple computer dream a tax-free reality.

And then there was Kittie, the associate who fetched Laura and I from the front of the line.

Laura: She’s the one who didn’t return my call yesterday. Of all them we had to get her.

Laura was right. Kittie seemed… confused, and as a result the next 20 minutes were a comedy of errors, mix-ups, puzzled looks, redundant questions, placating managers, and general frustration. Kittie didn’t know when they would be restocked. Kittie couldn’t place a hold for us. Kittie wouldn’t ship it to us. Kittie wouldn’t call us when more came in.

So we left.

Empty-handed, hot and groggy we shook our heads at the customer disservice.

Laura: I knew we were in trouble as soon as I saw Kittie.

Me: Ah Kittie, one more reason I’ll always be a dog person!

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  1. Sarah C
    Posted August 22, 2010 at 2:45 am | #

    What kind of computer were you trying to get? We went on Saturday evening and got one with no problems. The man before us even was able to get THREE iPads. Sorry for the bum luck.

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