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Sipping and Soaking

During her junior year at college, Laura was sipping a glass of wine by her apartment’s hot tub. There were only two problems with this: first, she was four weeks shy of her 21st birthday, and second, a cop came around. Laura got busted as a minor in possession (MIP) and had to go to court and do some community service.


Last night my sweet fiance and I were reminiscing about college.

Laura: I loved college… wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Aaron: Even that pesky MIP?

Laura: Oh yeah, that was bad. I guess I’d change that.

Aaron: Yeah, I imagine that wasn’t the shining moment of your otherwise illustrious college career.

Laura: No it wasn’t. But I learned my lesson. (pause) I’m never doing that again!

Quizzically, I look at her.

Aaron: Getting an MIP? (I incredulously ponder aloud)

Laura: Yep.

Aaron: (smiling) I should hope not… seeing as how you’re 25.

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