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Cool and Kosher

Yesterday Laura made a chicken pot pie. After carving out a pair of delicious, steaming slices she left the pie on the counter to cool so the crust wouldn’t go steam-soft in the fridge. A couple of hours later I noticed the cooled pie was still on the counter, so I wrapped it in plastic and set it in the refrigerator. A couple of hours after that…

Laura: Shoot! I left that chicken pot pie on the counter! It’s probably spoiled by now. Dang it!

Aaron: (playing it cool) You may have forgotten, but I didn’t.

Laura: You put it in the fridge?!?

Aaron: Yep. I saved your bakin’.

Laura: Awesome! (puzzled look) But there wasn’t any bacon in that recipe.


P.S. I do feel kind of bad about posting this one. I needed some blog fodder so I pretty much set her up for it.

P.S.S. A bacon pot pie actually sounds pretty good….

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