© 2010 Aaron Atkinson

On Purpose

Indie slept at the foot of my bed last night. At 4:31 she rolled over. At 4.32 she slid off the bed and hit the carpeted floor with a gentle thud. It momentarily woke me up as I waited for her to climb back into bed. When she didn’t, I drifted back to sleep.

I woke up at 6:28. Two minutes before my alarm.

Yawning I looked over the end of the bed. Belly up, Indie laid there sleeping in the same position she’d fell into two hours earlier.

I rubbed her belly. She stretched her lanky body, her ribs rippled under her spotted fur.

Me: Good morning, kid. I think you fell off the bed last night.

She wagged her floppy tail and let out a faint moan as if to say, yeah, but I meant to do that!

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