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Confused and Bemused

A couple of weeks ago I flew from Kansas City to Chicago. There were storms in the Northeast and some flights were delayed earlier in the day. There was a traffic jam above the airport and we had to circle for a few minutes. Resigned to the delay, I looked out the window at Lake Michigan.

In the seats behind me a pair of women shared a conversation laced heavily with Southern accents. They too were looking out the window at the endless blue of lake and summer sky.

Francine: Ooh, Georgia would you look at that!

Georgia: I know. It’s beautiful.

Francine: You know, I think that’s the biggest river I’ve ever seen.


Georgia: Riva? Francine, you so silly! Dat’s no riva. Dat’s the ocean!

I smiled, shook my head, and closed the plastic window shade.┬áThe sun’s glare off the big blue ocean was flashing in my eyes.

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