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Indie Rolls

I learned long ago that minimizing laundry is about reducing bottlenecks. For me the bottlenecks are undershirts and underwear. And in my efforts to reduce laundry days, I’ve increased my undershirts and underwear to somewhere around 50 units each. With more than 100 undergarments, when it’s time to do laundry, it’s really time to do laundry.

The first step to doing laundry is sorting dirty cloths. I do my sorting on the bedroom floor, dumping three or four hampers into one enormous pile.

And then comes Indie – drawn like a moth to a flame.

She might as well be a seven year old kid facing at a four foot pile of Autumn leaves. With reckless abandon she takes a few loud sniffs and then proceeds to jump and roll and slide her body all over my dirty laundry. Left unchecked she roll in my dirty laundry for hours.

When she was a pup, I thought it was cute. But then we started hunting and I witnessed some of the other things she grew fond of rolling around in. Mud, bird poop, cowpies, and one time even a slick, dead mouse. I understand that she can’t help it. As a predator she’s genetically programmed to try to camouflage her scent by masking it with other odors. But her affinity for rolling in an eclectic and wild potpourri of scents, got me to wondering, what does my dirty laundry smell like to her?

Do my undershirts smell like the underside of a decaying rodent? Do my socks smell like ruminated flora?

Certainly not.

She just likes playing in the leaves.

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